ICE FOLLIES 2012: Anaamimikom



Ice Follies 2012: Installations, community engaged workshops and events from February 18th – March 10th, 2012 on Lake Nipissing, Ontario.


Over the past decade Ice Follies has become a signature event for both North Bay, and the North-Eastern region as a whole. Ice Follies appears to the visitor as a strange assemblage of dwellings and structures placed across the ice along North Bay’s waterfront. This eccentric community of artworks and architectural creations echo the community of ice fishing shacks found elsewhere on the lake. Ice Follies 2012 will be the fifth biennial of site specific multi-disciplinary artwork to take place on Lake Nipissing.


This year’s title “Anaamimikomiing” meaning “Under the Surface” or “Sous la surface” was chosen because it represents the efforts behind the scenes to make Ice Follies 2012 more community oriented and engaging. With artists travelling from across the country to work alongside of local artists, community members and coordinators we hope to present a unique arts experience on Lake Nipissing that everyone can enjoy. For up to date information, artist bios and more please visit

ICE FOLLIES is supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.



Posted on: January 31, 2012, by : HollyC